Vasudha Green Works
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  1. Introduction Page with GW logo and copy.
    • Click on the logo to come on the page with all the six links

  2. About US Highlighted with two titles
    • Introduction- introduction of Greenworks
    • Logo-the perspective- explaining the logo

  3. Vasudha Highlighted with three titles
    • Introduction- introduction of Vasudha
    • Philosophy- vision, mission, etc.
    • Logo- the perspective- explaining the logo

  4. Products Highlighted with two titles
    • EcoPure Biodegradables
    • Super Sustainability

  5. Water Highlighted with no titles
    • Will take to the page with work in this area

  6. We Highlighted with three titles
    • Clients- list of clients
    • Partners
    • Team- team profiles

  7. Contact Highlighted

    • Offices- list of offices in India
    • Message us- contact form


The Resources panel on the left with PDF brochures written-
You click on the words ‘PDF Brochures’, and it takes you to the page with all the PDF links.
The home link on that page will take the person back to the home page. (Hope this will work. Let me know).



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